Why I’m no longer taking photography sessions

I’ve always had an obsession with photography/documenting life, and I have an insane number of photos to prove it.  In 2015 my interest in photography peeked and my urge to learn the ins and outs of it grew. I was in a very dark place, going through postpartum depression and it gave me the outlet I needed as I healed. It saved my life in a sense. It has brought some amazing people into my life. From other fellow photographers to clients that have turned into friends, so this has been hard for me to digest. Last week I decided it’s time to walk away from photography, for the most part. Time permitting, I will continue to do self-portraits, collaborations and occasionally work on passion projects but I will no longer take on regular sessions.


One of my last sessions


Some of you know this but I started making candles in 2002 and since then its been a creative outlet for me to make and add more products. My own personal struggles have caused me to start and stop it many times. It’s my first love and one that fills my sense of purpose. I’ve decided to fully focus on it and pursue my original goals. One being to see my products in more small stores as well as larger ones like Wholefoods, Target and more. I’m posting that specific goal as a way to manifest what I want.

I have long term goals that I cannot achieve if I’m splitting my energy into two big projects. Its also very important for me to be present for my family, especially while the boys are still young and need me. I’ve worked with so many families that I know you get how quickly they grow up.


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After many requests I will hold ONE last mini session for previous clients ONLY on November 7th at Thompson Tree Farm. Same price as last year and same time slots per session. I will announce the openings next Tuesday, September 1st. I appreciate everyone for supporting me and understanding that this decision was not an easy one to come to.