The last two years I’ve taken time off from the retail end of Musa Natural to concentrate on photography. You can find my work on Musa Natural Photography. During this time I continued to create private label products. I’ve worked with some amazing people in the last two year to come up with their own custom products.

Now that I feel I’ve learned the basics of photography and landed on my own style I’m focusing on opening up the retail side of Musa Natural again. I’ve also decided to rebrand while I’m at it with new label designs and new products that I’ve been working on.

In addition to bringing back soy candles, lip balms, and sugar scrubs, I will be adding products such as

  1. shower steamers
  2. lotion
  3. lip scrubs
  4. bath bombs
  5. bath soaks
  6. a face mask

I’m super excited to see what everyone thinks and what your new favorite product will be.

Official Re-Launch is August 1st. Stay tuned for more announcements.

LPPE, (Love, Peace, & Positive Energy)


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